Arts Strategy

At Birmingham Cathedral, we seek to reflect on and think through together what it means to be a new cathedral in the middle of a busy city and a predominantly urban diocese.

We aim to offer ongoing opportunities to help us consider contested heritage, sensitive history and the the range of human experiences, and to offer support in these areas. Artwork in and around the cathedral is one of the ways that helps us to explore, deepen and enhance our role as a place of worship, spirituality, heritage, and engagement with the city and region. The Cathedral is keen to tell a story through work that is site responsive and engages passers-by as well as those that come into the building – promoting both community engagement and public theology.

The theological imperative is that God our Creator invites us to co-operate in God’s creative work and in grateful response to the gift of life in all its suffering and joy. At times of illiteracy visual art in churches was a powerful means of communicating story, theology and doctrine.

Cathedrals strive to offer the very best human beings can create to the glory of God. Churches and cathedrals are set apart ‘to represent the truth that all time and space are God’s ’ l.’

Our location

The location of our building is exquisite work of art in itself. It is full with magnificent works of art and animated by natural sun-light. It is a natural performance space, close to Universities and resourced by a city of inventors, craftspeople, manufacturers and artists.  We are set within the only green space within the city centre – a wonderful context where the busyness and demands of contemporary urban life flow in and out of the quiet rhythm of our daily prayer.

We welcome installations using Light, Sound, Dance and performance, outside installations, Poetry and spoken word

‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.’

Thomas Merton


Application for artwork should cohere with the Key Principles of our Arts Strategy. This flow out of our Pray, Serve, Grow principles. Any applications should therefore carefully respond to the context of the Cathedral and the city. We are unlikely to accept touring shows or works developed for other contexts.

If you wish to work with us, please read through out Arts Strategy. If you project aligns with our strategy, please complete the Arts Expression of Interest Form and return it to

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