All are invited to take part in a LOUDfence at St Chad’s Cathedral

St Chad’s Cathedral is hosting a LOUDfence from Sunday 7 May. All are invited to take part either in person or virtually.

A LOUDfence involves tying LOUD (brightly coloured) ribbons and messages of support in public spaces. The aim is to give survivors a voice, create and raise awareness in the community and work to end abuse.

A photo of St Chad's Cathedral in Birmingham

Visitors are invited to tie ribbons and messages on the outside railings between the entrance to Cathedral House and the book shop, as well as just inside the cathedral in the Bell Chamber.

For those who cannot attend in person you can contribute a virtual ribbon and/or message of support 

A programme of events to accompany the LOUDfence has also been confirmed. Mass will be said at the Vatican for the Archdiocese of Birmingham and the LOUDfence on Sunday 7 May. For full details, please visit St Chad’s website.

The Diocesan Safeguarding Team will be running a ‘Safeguarding in Action’ event in the Grimshaw Room during the LOUDfence. We appreciate not everyone will want to go inside the cathedral. Therefore the Grimshaw Room is an alternative place for quiet reflection and a cuppa.

The LOUDfence at St Chad’s is supported by Antonia Sobocki, the UK Project Manager for LOUDfence UK. Antonia is also a friend of Birmingham Cathedral St Philip’s and a member of the Survivor Engagement Panel, working closely with the Safeguarding Team.

LOUDfence is a survivor-led initiative and is rapidly gaining international attention.

We look forward to welcoming visitors to the St Chad’s LOUDfence.

How to get to St Chad’s Cathedral

St Chad’s Cathedral is a short walk from Birmingham Cathedral. Use the map below to plan your journey if you are not sure where this is.

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